My Return to the Blogosphere

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” 
Albert Einstein

And I’m back!

It has been really sad this past week not being able to summon the energy to put a post together. I though it best to give myself a week to recuperate, as I was beginning to have trouble stinging together a coherent sentence. As a natural born introvert, being effervescent and charming all day with strangers really beings to take its toll on me. At the end of the day pretty much all I am good for is a yummy meal, the conversation is up to you. Not to mention now people are trying to make me deal with numbers. If you know anything about me, know this, I don’t do numbers. I can figure out how to leave a tip, deal with cooking related conversion matters, and pay my credit card bill, anything more than that and expect my eyes to glaze over and my mind to wander.

All of this being said, I survived my hell week(s) and I am back. Numbers be damned! I will blog!

There are meals to be discussed from last week, i.e. chicken tetrazzini, that deserve their own post.

Chicken Tetrazzini

But today is a holiday, so I am keeping it brief. I had a wonderful weekend of rest and relaxation spent with the lovely Esq. and family.

First we started in Clemson, SC, probably the best place on earth. We drove up on Friday evening for a baseball game, and despite the cold and overcast weather Clemson couldn’t have been lovelier and there was no place on earth I would rather be.

Where the Blue Ridge Yawns It's Greatness, Where the Tigers Play

I expected nothing less and was rewarded with a Tiger Baseball victory over Wake Forest. While the game was a little slow, with the final score of 2-0, Esq. and I were luckily fortified with the yummy offerings from The Esso, which we hit up before the game.


The Esso has become legendary as a favorite of Sports Illustrated, ESPN, The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, and  Brent Musberger, who makes it a point to stop by anytime he is in town. Esq. and I began to plot our trip and the fried pickles that would inevitably be ordered as we were pulling off the highway, and per usual they did not dissapoint!

The rest of the weekend was joyful spent hanging out with Esq.’s old high school friends and family in Greenville. Funnily enough, the quote at the top of today’s post comes from a surprise easter egg hunt in downtown Greenville. As we were walking down the street from our car to the restaurant I kept noticing little plastic eggs conspicuously place just out of reach in store windows, on top of bushes, and on the sidewalk. After egg number 5, yes, I counted, I couldn’t resist any longer and I plucked my little green egg up from a window cil. I accepted my fate, ether this was going to be a wonderful little surprise or a horribly nasty joke that would explode or disgust me upon opening. Much to my delight inside was a wonderful quote, innocuous, and wonderful that really got my mind in focus. There is a blog to write…and I know how to start it!


The rest of the weekend was spent having scrumptious meals with family and feeling the love of the Esq. clan. I swear, each time I visit Greenville it gets harder and harder to come back to Columbia.

Happy Easter!

Until tomorrow…

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