What I Am Drinking

O God, that men should put an enemy in their mouths to steal away their brains! that we should, with joy, pleasance, revel, and applause, transform ourselves into beasts!  ~William Shakespeare

I have shared what I am eating and what I am listening to, but as of yet I haven’t shared what tasty beverages I have been pairing with them.

Normally, I am a red wine kind of girl. With the onset of spring I can’t help but get in the mood by switching it up with a nice bright white, or when I am feeling really frisky, a glass of bubbly.

The Cooktestant Hits the Sauce

Currently, Gnarly Head Chard. is really tickling my fancy.

Gnarly Head

It is a lovely, lightly fizzy chardonnay with a hint of sweetness. I am really loving it because currently it is about $3.30 off at Publix and you can score a bottle of this delicious treat for under $10.00.

You might notice a trend, if it isn’t over $12, I am probably not buying it. I have mentioned it before, but it bares repeating, according to recent studies knowing the value of a bottle of wine determines how much you will enjoy said bottle of wine, and yes, that includes you sommeliers. Having said that, let’s continue.

Did I mention bubbly… Why yes I did!!! About a year or so ago I fell in love with Barefoot Wines. Barefoot specializes in yummy crowd pleasing wines that won’t break the bank. Barefoot makes a killer moscato and cab., but they also are dominating the sparkling section of your favorite wine retailer as of late. Remember that moscato I love…yes? Well, Barefoot now makes a Spumante. Big, big, big fan of Barefoot.

Yummy Bubbles

Speaking of carbonation, I have mentioned my love for Dogfish Head, but now I am back with more information. It seems that now anytime I travel outside of Columbia I can easily find Dogfish Head’s Occasional Rarities which have quickly become my favorite souvenirs. Last weekend when my family traveled down to Kiawah we made a quick stop by Newton Farms, a to die for combination of Fresh Market and Whole Foods. Low and behold, DOGFISH HEAD! I picked up the two occasional rarities they had in stock Red & White and Chateau Jiahu. I, as always, was completely enamored with the complex and unique flavor and the compelling story behind the brewing process.

Best Brewery Known to Man

Because I can’t do it justice, here are Dogfish Head’s descriptions of the two:

Big Fan

Red & White is a malt beverage brewed with coriander and orange peel with Pinot Noir juice concentrate added with 11% aged in Pinot Noir barrels and 89% aged on oak barrel staves.

Biggest Fan!

Chateau Jiahu is similar to a beer brewed in China some 9,000 years ago, Chateau Jiahu used a recipe that included rice, honey, and grape and hawthorn fruits. The formula was obtained from archaeologists who derived it from the residues of pottery jars found in the late Stone Age village of Jiahu in northern China. The residues are the earliest direct evidence of brewed beverages in ancient China.

If Dogfish is my favorite supplier of luxe beer, my two favorite get it nearly anywhere with a decent bar beers are Highland Brewing’s Oatmeal Porter and Magic Hat #9.

Highland’s is a wonderful brewery located in Asheville, NC whose beers can be found and nearly every NC/SC watering hole of merit. Oatmeal Porter is not only my favorite in their impressive cannon, but it is probably my all time, hands down favorite. Oatmeal Porter is robust, dark, rich, malty, with hints of chocolaty goodness. While Oatmeal Porter is my favorite, I also recommend Gaelic Ale, Esq.’s personal favorite.

You Can't Deny It...That's A Good Beer

Magic Hat #9 has rooted itself deep in my heart  due to its bright and fresh hint of apricot that screams spring! Magic Hat is a new arrival as I can find it’s alluring hint of  apricot most places I go. Sea Dog Apricot, with it’s more pungent fruity flavor has recently been replaced by Magic Hat simply because I  don’t have to search and scour to find it.

Apricot = Beer's Best Friend

I have a few other favorites, but for fear of waxing a little too poetically for a little too long about my favorite intoxicants I think I shall draw this post to close. I hope you enjoyed! Let me know what your favorites are, as I am always on the lookout for something new and exciting.